Hello ladies!

It has been 1 month since I pulished my first two posts on this blog. As I share, I love beauty and English so that why I always put my blog titles by English not Vietnamese. In this special post, I would love to write something in English. First of all, this post is not about beauty tips or review any beauty products so you can decide if you want to read it or not. But I actually hope you can read, I appreciate it!

I set up my blog to share with beautiful people about some beauty products I have used and see how it works. I also share to you about my beauty tips, my own experiences in saving money when we go shopping comestics and other. I hope in the future, after I graduate university then have a good job, have much more experiences I can share all with you girls. 

Actually I found my huge passion with beauty products when I was 19, I visited The Body Shop store in Parkson Keangnam Shopping Center. As an environmental student, I love anything inspired by nature and The Body Shop is one of them. I went home and google "The Body Shop" to read about their ingredients, the way they support community in poor areas over the world. I love "The Body Shop" and always remember "Beauty with heart". When I came back the store and I bought 3 products for the 1st time shopping there, I couldn't stop loving their products. Everytime I went there, I immediately tried lots of products. The counselors were so nice and I usually talked to them. In August 2013, I first visited Yves Rocher store in Indochina Shopping Center, luckily it was BIG SALE and I considered for a while, and the next day I came back and bought an eyeliner, a mascara, a nail polish and I totally love them !!! Yves Rocher is a famous brand of France and I'm sure you both know that. They are inspired by the nauture as well and even they have a long history ! If you usually read my blog, you will see The Body Shop and Yves Rocher are my 2 favorite brands, espcially skincare and bodycare ! My skin has changed positively from oily, not very bright, had some acnes then now be normal, no more acnes and getting brighter.I'm thankful a lots! 

I know many cosmetic brands but I have tried a few : The Body Shop, The Face Shop, Yves Rocher, Revlon, Maybelline, Neutrogena, Bourjois, It's Skin, Skinfood, Tony Moly, Kiss my Face, Herbalife, Lancome, L'oreal... It means I have to try so many many products of other brands ! I would love to try them when I have occasion. I don't have much money because I'm just a student, so I can't buy some expensive products from high-brands at the moment but you know, it will be my motivation to work hard ! I love my major at university but beauty is my passion, is my inspiration all the time!

I started blogging after a month I broke up a realtionship. It was a sad time for me as a sensitive girl. As any girl, I did cry every night, I thought about what we had together, wondered why we did like that. Since I realized my hair falling, my eyes getting dark circles, my skin looking not good, I knew it was time to stop any negative thoughts. A passion, a dream to chase is more important than a broken relationship. I have gone to yoga class and it makes my mind so free and be always beautiful all the time. So all I want to say is "No one has rights to make you ugly, make your hair falls, make your skin looks bad. It is not worth. You are beautiful because of yourself, not anyone else !"

By the way, today bought 2 Revlon products and I totally love them :

These are how I treat myself on "1 month of blogging" day. Review of these products will be coming  soon

Being a beauty blogger is a favorite part of my life ! I love the way I can share with people about what make me interested in, what inspires me deeply. I love my blog readers, you make my day!

All I can do for you is that I will have many quanlity and interesting posts on this blog. Please keep supporting my blog. I have many ideas for the coming posts in the future. 

I hope you always feel beautiful every single day of your life.


PS : My English writing is not perfect! Please correct me if you see any mistake. I really appreciate it!   
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